Undone' is finally online for all of your viewing pleasure, please watch it full screen. I'd like to thank Luke for trusting me to add visuals to his beautiful song, and Paper Bag Records for supporting the music video. Huge thanks to the gorgeous girls in the video Tonya, Elissa and Lora also big thanks to Kyle for all his help as well. 

I aimed to show Luke in 3 different relationships through out his life, I tried to portray those relationships in different seasons to show the change of time. I was inspired by the idea that though we may say the same things to different partners through out our dating life, they can still mean just as much and be just as genuine because we only have so many words to express our thoughts and feelings.I really hope you enjoy the video, and definitely check out Luke’s album Rhythymnals if you have not yet, and check out heisthefuture.com to see more music videos from Humble Empire.